Message from the Chariman

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our department!

I am much honored to chair this esteemed department of Jagannath University. The Department of Economics has come a long way. During the years, the talented fresh students have made their way to the department; even some of them have enriched the department joining as faculties after completing their post graduation under the department. With the intense bondage between teachers and students, the department is producing some of the best outcomes of this university. I am pleased to let you know that the reputation and the prestige of the department are upheld by many of our current alumni, who have excellent records in the job market, along with our faculties, who are actively involved in socio-economic research programs around the world.

The department believes in modern pedagogy related to interactive method and professional competency. Thus, we are committed to provide the best education in Economics discipline to our students. For this purpose, we go beyond conventional class room education to engage our students in knowledge creation for 21st century, and facilitate seminars, workshops and research program on broader issues related to the discipline. Besides, the graduate and undergraduate program, the department is also offering Doctorate of Philosophy and Masters in Philosophy Degrees. To keep with the pace of change of current economic and political environment, and to open new avenues of opportunities for aspiring students and professionals alike, we have recently started offering masters degree in development studies through our MDS (Masters in Development Studies) program. Along with the joint effort of student and colleagues, I hope to take the department to the path of further excellence in coming days.

I thank you again for visiting our department.

Professor Dr. Md. Aynul Islam
Department of Economics
Jagannath University, Dhaka.